Why Composite Decking Can Be an Eco Friendly Choice

Home owners as well as builders and architects are conscious of the impact buildings have on the environment. There is a conscious movement towards making more environmentally responsible choices so that there is less ecological impact of creating as well as using a building.

The general aims of green building are the efficient use of water, energy and other resources as well as the reduction of waste, environmental degradation and pollution. There is also the less altruistic but equally important objective of lowering heating and cooling bills and increasing productivity. Though we may not immediately think of composite decking as being an environmentally responsible choice, it is one.

What Is Composite Decking?

Composite decking is made up of a mix of waste wood, waste cellulose and other composite matter and perhaps plastic. It can look like real wood but is actually made from repurposed materials, which is what makes it an environment friendly choice.


This composite material makes it a durable and practical choice for the outdoors because it is hard wearing and weather resistant. It is also safe for bare little feet, which makes it possible for families to spend more time out of doors and in the fresh air.

What Are Its Benefits?

In practical terms, there are many benefits apart from the lesser ecological impact of composite decking. The outdoor area can be easily fashioned into more than one activity zones: part of the deck can be a breakfast bar, part of it can be transformed into a play area for kids, and part of it can be earmarked for a hearth.

This type of decking can also be designed around existing trees; something else that makes it eco friendly. Not only are you making the trees a beautiful feature of your deck, you can have a larger deck area without having to cut any trees.

It is so made that it doesn’t crack and splinter. This can be a concern for families with small kids, particularly those who like wandering around barefoot.

Low maintenance is another attractive feature. If you ensure good drainage and regular cleaning, there is little that will damage or mar this attractive outdoor space of yours.

Since installation of composite decks is relatively easy, many people choose to make it a DIY project that the entire family can happily get involved in.


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