Top 5 Eco Friendly Accessories

Anyone looking to make responsible and eco-friendly choices in their day to day functioning, can make small changes in their lives that can make a big difference. Think of things you use every day to decide about how to make a difference. Here are the top 5 eco friendly accessories that can help you do your little bit for the earth.

1. The Eco friendly tote bag


You can have these in a number of colors and sizes to go the shops with. Tell them you don’t need a bag to carry home the stuff in; you have my own bag! It is stylish, cool and reusable! So why do you need to bring home shopping in a lot of unnecessary and senseless plastic? And you can be color coordinated while shopping as well! You can get them in sets of 6 on Amazon, waterproof, roll up bags (so you can stow when not in use), each with a 25 lb. capacity: for travel, shopping, and the beach, to go to a game and so on.

2. Eco friendly shoes


Yes it is possible for shoes to be eco friendly as well. Shoes that are made from recycled material are eco friendly – think soda bottles, old carpets and discarded rubber tires. Also they use non toxic glues to make the shoes. Hemp, cork, bamboo, organic cloth, wood and other materials can be used to make shoes rather than the leather that is usually used: this can make your shoes not only eco friendly but vegan as well!

3. eBook reader


Think of all the many trees that are saved when you buy the electronic version of a book rather than the printed paper and bound volume variety. And your choice of holiday reading just got a boost from 3 books that one would usually limit oneself to; to 3 thousand books to choose from! It is now possible to subscribe to magazines and journals and even news papers to read on your eBook reader rather than the actual ink and paper product.

4. Organic clothing


It may not always be possible to buy organic clothing but try to do this as far as possible: furnishings, bed and bath linen, clothes, and other fabric that you buy, try to make sure it is organic. Organically grown materials have less on an environmental impact because they are grown without using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other toxic substances.

5. CFLs and LEDs


CFLs last longer and use just one-fourth of energy compared to its incandescent counterparts. LEDs are touted as even more efficient form of lighting than CFLs though it may take some before they become affordable enough for home lighting.

As far as possible, try to reduce reliance on the grid (and your electricity bills) by making these, more eco friendly accessory choices.