Be Eco Friendly While Choosing Your Beauty Products

Time was that if you were to be considered eco friendly, you were supposed to go around with unkempt hair, an unwashed air and palpable body odor. But today you can be responsible and earth friendly, and yet not have people around you fainting or turning away. Here are some tips to find eco friendly beauty products that will have you looking and smelling good while creating less of a negative environmental impact.

1. Essential Oils


Why really do we need deodorants, perfumes, colognes, scents and so on that are packed with chemicals, toxins and so on? When nature offers us the option of the most spectacular natural scents that can be extracted, distilled and make into essential oils that smell quite heavenly? You can use essential oils by diluting with any base oil.

2. Mineral Foundation or Powder

If opting for mineral makeup, don’t just go by what it says on the package; check the ingredients to see what exactly is in the bottle. Real mineral makeup uses naturally occurring minerals such as mica, iron oxides and so on rather than artificial chemicals. These can help to smooth the skin and cove blemishes while not clogging pores and causing breakouts.

3. Jojoba Oil

This is a natural moisturizer that is great for the hair and the skin. Not only that it is a natural fungicide that can help to keep minor skin irritations and complaints at bay.

4. Natural Lipstick

This is another product that you should check carefully for the ingredients. Look for ingredients such as shea butter, coconut, sesame or other natural oils so that you’re naturally nourishing your lips at the same time that you color them

5. Olive Oil


This may not be the best smelling liquid in the world, but it is really terrific for your hair and your skin. A natural and easily available natural beauty aid, olive oil is packed with natural antioxidants and effective skin softening agents.

6. Eggs

This natural protein is not just great for eating it is also great for hair and the skin. For strong and shiny hair, you cannot go wrong with eggs. Again not the best smelling thing for your hair, but you do know that you’re using something genuinely natural and organic.

7. Natural Eye Pencils

Rather than the fancy retractable plastic tubes, go for the wooden pencil. Use fragrance free product that include organic ingredients (look for the label that says 90% or 95% certified organic) and so on.

8. Massage

This is not a product so much as an effort. Massaging the skin and scalp regularly using a natural oil increases blood supply to the skin and can literally make your skin glow and your hair come alive with health.