EnviroForensics Offers Comprehensive Environmental Services for Dry Cleaning Industry

Remediating a dry cleaning property is a cumbersome process. It involves various tasks like site investigation, legal compliance, financial management and much more. While most of the environmental engineering companies specialize in one of these fields, EnviroForensics has integrated multiple disciplines of business, law and science to its environmental consulting expertise in order to provide custom tailored solutions to its clients. The company specializes in dry cleaner cleanup and has cleaned up more than 200 dry cleaning sites by now. It combines innovative engineering techniques along with the insurance coverage to restore contaminated sites without imposing any significant financial burden on the site owner.

Here is a quick overview of some of the major services offered by the company:


Site Investigation and Remediation: EnviroForensics has a team of experienced engineers, scientists and geologists to assess, investigate and remediate contamination of soil and groundwater. Primary services under this category include investigating the contaminated site, waste sampling, risk assessment, feasibility and remediation. Waste sampling operations cover various types of testing like statutory, hazardous waste, spill site, air quality, waste water discharge, and compliance monitoring testings.

Legal Support: EnviroForensics offers due diligence services for property developers, investment trusts, law firms, financial institutions, and government agencies. Their engineers have wide exposure in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, and they are well versed in taking care of concerns related to contingent environmental liability while maximizing the value of your asset.

Vapor Intrusion: Vapor intrusion is one of the most challenging aspects of handling hazardous material and involves a great deal of research and regulation. EnviroForensics has got the resources and expertise to assess and mitigate vapor intrusion exposure pathway.

Risk Communication: Release of toxic materials often imposes health risks to workers, residents and public. Regulations require that such information be shared with the concerned parties. EnviroForensics takes care of preparing and communicating such information. Their communication services include coordinating with various statutory bodies and government departments, disseminating information through formal media, holding meetings with various parties to answer contamination related questions, requesting access to properties for the purpose of sampling, etc.

Regulatory Compliance: Remediating a hazardous site involves a host of regulatory compliances like environmental audit, air permitting, waste water characterization, pollution prevention and waste minimization, spill prevention, control and countermeasures plan, storm water pollution prevention management, etc. EnviroForensics offers all of such services for smooth functioning of the remediation operations.

Power Generation: EnviroForensics engineers have designed, modernized and expanded many power generation facilities. They are competent enough to handle different types of engineering projects including mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, civil, structural, and architectural engineering.

Team, resources and capabilities is what sets apart EnviroForensics from other environmental engineering companies.