Flowers for Different Seasons – When to Grow What

Having a garden is a great way to grow the plants you enjoy. You might just want a flower garden to look at and enjoy or you may want to have the pleasure of growing your own beautiful bouquets. Whatever your reason is for having a garden you need to be aware of the seeds you are planting and what they need in order to grow healthy and strong. There are so many things that can affect if a seed is going to take root and grow like the soil it is planted in, the seasons and how the weather will affect it, and if there is enough sunshine and good water.

Mandevilla Vogue

The Mandevilla Vogue is a great seed to grow for the springtime. It also has vibrant “versatile” colors in red and pink. These seeds will grow nicely in larger pots, containers, or even hanging baskets where they can get a lot of sun.

Stars and Stripes

stars-and-stripe-pentasAnother flower that is great in the springtime is the Stars and Stripe pentas. They bloom and flower magnificently and are perfect for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds. These flowers really pop in bright red and do well with other vegetation.

North East Wild Flowers

If you want an explosion of color and uniqueness in your spring and summer garden, then purchasing Vermont wildflower seeds are a perfect choice. Some of the individual seeds you might get are Blue Cornflower, Shasta Daisy, Sweet William, Wild Cosmos, Lance-leaf Coreopsis, Baby Blue Eyes, and Scarlet Flax.

Perennial Hibiscus

perennial-hibiscusIf you want flowers that will do well in the hot summer months, then Perennial Hibiscus are really good. The experts at Proflowers online mention that these flowers grow to be “big, showy blossoms”, and can be found in white, red, and pink colors. These flowers can also grow to be a foot wide and their stems can get as big as 8’ tall.


If you want to add some more dimension and color, Irises can be a good choice. Landscapers like to use them because they add a pop of color with blue, purple, pink, white, orange, and black. You need dryer soil and a little bit of shade for these seeds to grow strong.

Black-Eyed Susans

black-eyed-susansBlack-eyed Susans are a lot like miniature sunflowers with their yellow flowers and their love of the sunshine. They typically bloom in early summer but remain fairly strong until the first frost of the year. These are also a good choice if you like to cut your flowers for personal arrangements as they will last for quite a while.

Toad Lily

Though most people think of flowers blooming in the spring and summer, Toad Lilies are a great fall flower. They are easy to take care of and low maintenance. These seeds also thrive in moist soil and shade which is good for late summer and fall weather.

Flower gardens can be a tranquil delight that do not cost a lot of money or take a lot of time. Just know which seeds are best in what seasons and enjoy watching beauty grow.