How Does Shredding Paper Help Recycling?

While many of us can still remember the days of bundling up a week’s worth of newspapers and placing them at the side of the road to be picked up, these times are quickly coming to an end.  As we now enjoy the synergy of technological innovation and 21st century recycling techniques, one of the most common forms of paper disposal is in the form of shredding.  This may be done either at a specific location (such as a home or office) or instead completed at a recycling plant.  Due to the fact that a growing number of consumers are choosing to shred their documents and paper refuse themselves, it is a good idea to take a quick look at how shredding paper aids in the entire recycling process.

Less Space, Less Energy


One of the primary advantages that is enjoyed by shredding paper is the ability to greatly reduce the amount of bulk that would normally need to be handled.  If we take a kilogramme of regular newspaper and a kilogramme of shredded newspaper, the shredded selection will take up less space.  This is important due to the fact that not only can more paper be shredded in a single session, but a greater amount of it can be transported at any given time.  Therefore, less fossil-based fuel will be needed to bring the material to a recycling centre; effectively reducing the overall cost.

A Step Ahead

Many modern disposal facilities are adopting industrial paper shredding as their method of choice for recycling.  Home- and office-based shredders will save the plant from performing this operation itself.  In a way, this can be seen as taking a step out of the entire process.  From an energy consumption standpoint, this simply means that less electricity will be needed at the recycling centre to dispose of the paper.  Once again, less energy consumed directly correlates to a reduced reliance upon fossil fuels.

Additional Uses Around the Home


Of course, an effective “green” approach to the world around us may not necessarily equate to the disposal of this paper.  In fact, a growing number of individuals are making use of shredded paper for other reasons.  An example of this can be using this paper as an alternative to plastic “bubble wrap” packaging.  This can save money while reducing household plastic consumption.  Shredded paper is also an excellent form of kindling for homes that are heated by a wood-burning stove or fireplace.  Others may choose to use their bundles of shredded paper as an alternative form of compost.  There are even instances when individuals will literally reuse this material to make new paper in their own homes.

If you don’t feel like owning a shredding machine yourself, you can make use of drop-in shredding services. You just need to take your documents to them and they will shred it for you right in front of your eyes.

It should also be noted that due to the fact that a growing number of facilities will likewise recycle this paper to make new material, this saves money while reducing the impact of deforestation around the world.  As businesses are constantly attempting to find a balance between savings and environmental impact, shredded paper is an excellent alternative.

So, it is clear that there are numerous ways that shredding paper will aid in the entire recycling process.  Thankfully, a growing number of plants are now adopting this excellent and efficient means of disposal and as our technology increases even further, this process will continue to grow in popularity.

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