Largest NYC Community Solar Project Gets Go Ahead

A mandate, issued by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, to have 50 percent of all energy consumption be derived from renewable sources by 2030 is truly being realized by the 1.2 megawatts (MW) solar project based out of Brooklyn.

Largest NYC Community Solar Project

The greater public has been made aware of the fact that this community solar project, the largest of its kind in New York City is now up and running, by the New York State Energy and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA). Almost 200 homes and businesses will be able to take advantage of this renewable energy project.

A total of 196 customers have subscribed to the solar project with the majority, 70 percent, being residential customers, 20 percent are small business customers, and the remaining 10 percent are low- to moderate-income customers. More than $850,000 in funding, including 3,325 solar panels on two rooftop locations in Brooklyn, for the project, was provided by NYSERDA through the State’s NY-Sun program. NY-Sun is a highly reviewed solar program geared to make renewable energy sources more accessible to residents and business in New York as well as lowering energy costs.

President and CEO of NYSERDA, Alicia Barton, stated that more and more residents all over New York, including small business owners, are welcoming the access to chose alternative, renewable sources of electricity as a method to reduce the cost of energy, safeguard the environment and lower carbon emissions. She went on to compliment those involved, residents, small-business owners and the like, for coming together, adopting renewable energy and supporting the climate and clean energy goals mandated by Gov. Cuomo.

To date, all across New York State over 84,000 solar energy systems supported by NYSERDA have been installed. Moreover, 700 MW of community solar and over 5,000 more projects are on the agenda.