Giant Easy Poly Tunnel to Help Seasonal Planting Go Faster

Poly tunnels are used throughout the countryside for commercial growers who depend greatly on these tunnel cloches to make an early start with their planting. A cloche that is made of polyethylene can be an ideal way to give planters a greenhouse effect and add warmth to the soil. This in turn will speed up germination and promote subsequent growth.

It is ideal to place it over a row of parsley, perennials or spinach to accelerate their growth. Broad beans, lettuce, and peas that are freshly sown can do great with poly tunnels. If the sun is out for long periods, soft growth or a dry soil surface is possible. Regular inspection of the plants is therefore necessary.

giant-poly-tunnels-in-fieldSome areas such as a patio or a courtyard is small. Using a Giant Easy Poly Tunnel can be a great way to protect vegetables at the start of the year. Salads, herbs, and beans can be grown soon after. Alternatively, if it can be left in place permanently, then an aluminium frame would be best. It is safe because instead of glass, it has polycarbonate. It can be used for planting and germinating seeds and root cuttings. Seedlings that are started on window sills can also be planted in it.

Whatever your garden size, Giant Easy Poly Tunnel can be utilized as it is based on other tunnels that are used by planters to protect their crop from the wet winter or frost. They can be placed over newly planted vegetables to keep out the frost. They are anchored with pegs in place to keep them stable and prevent them from being blown away.

If there are any perennial weeds that have already been cleared and leave annual weeds, the patch can be covered by poly tunnels for some weeks in the early part of spring. This method will add warmth to the soil, so that planting or sowing can be done some weeks earlier than was previously planned as opposed to if the patch was left open to the elements of the weather.

Sheets of polyethylene can be used to warm and at the same time, dry the soil. It also encourages germination of the weed seeds that were dormant. When the patch is uncovered the unwanted seedlings can easily be cleared by hand or even by a hoe. Giant Easy Poly Tunnels provide warmth and moisture, while it provides protection from pests and insects.