The Most Common Sustainable Operations in the Hotel Industry

Sustainable use of natural resources is about the future. Waste reduction, recycling and energy efficiency are the integral parts of our life. Every child knows that the litter must be put into the bin and all electrical equipment must be switched off after the use. Everyone knows and everyone does it. However, environmental experts sound the alarm and say that our planet is in danger. The question arises, are there any opportunities to demonstrate better carrying for the environment? What examples do we need to follow?


More and more companies working in the hotel industry join the different environmental programs to raise the use of the nature friendly operations. They are interested in the environmental education of their stuff or clients and evolve their own strategies for the further eco-friendly development. What is more, they extensively employ the following sustainable practices: green building, clean transportation, sustainable food service and environmentally preferable purchasing. Let’s take a look at them.

Green Building

The definition of this expression varies from specialist to specialist. Some people think of a building that is created using only natural resources and materials. The use of toxic substances during the construction is reduced, and it has a minimal influence on the environment. A number of people hold the view that the green building is a special type of building and the surrounding objects that allow limiting the amount of power and water consumption. Others take both opinions into account and piece these versions together.

Going green is costly but pays off. At the beginning of the construction, it may cost a pretty penny because of the green materials, but don’t forget about the benefits in the years ahead. Reducing the water and energy consumption and using the natural and long-life materials create a win-win situation for the investors. Putting money, today means saving (and increasing) it in the future.

Sustainable Food Service and Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

As you know, food and beverage is a great part of the hotel industry, and it follows the sustainable movement as well. It tends to produce food using sustainable practices that care for the Earth and its population. For instance, the products bought on the local markets are fresher, healthier and cheaper than the same brought in from a far-off place. It supports domestic manufacturers and provides the economic development in the country. Besides that, high quality food improves clients’ loyalty, because they feel like the hotel cares about their personal health.

The key role in the sustainable practices is also played by the use of recycled and biodegradable cups, plates and cutlery. A number of modern restaurants use eco-friendly dinnerware and are totally comfortable with it.

Clean Transportation

Driving internal combustion engine vehicles is still common but out of date. The new trend is environmentally friendly vehicles. They are usually fuel-efficient or battery-powered and have less harmful effects on the environment. Today many hoteliers offer some alternative types of transportation, for example, a shuttle service that makes it possible for the guests to leave their own means of transport at home and make a contribution to the environmental protection. What is more, some companies provide an electric or hybrid car rental service. The vehicles can be charged at the stations installed around the city. The service is new and designed for safe and clean transportation.

You must admit that being green is not easy to an individual person and is even more difficult to the big organizations like a hotel. Everyone and everywhere within a company must fulfill environmentally friendly initiatives and recommendations. In light of this, getting an eco-label will be a great achievement to any businesses in the hospitality industry. However, some companies do it. For example, the hotels of The First Group have been awarded the Green Key Certification twice and tend to develop in this field further.

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