3 Businesses Leading the Way for Green Living

Never has it been more prevalent to support businesses that care about being friendlier to the earth. As we see the terrifying effects landfills have on the environment, it’s crucial that we all start taking more responsibility for the planet we love so dearly. When it comes to production, manufacturing and services, businesses that put green initiatives at the forefront not only benefit the health of consumers but also go towards reducing carbon footprints and lessening the impact products have on the environment. There are many companies today that are impressively working towards eco-friendly goals and we’ve picked three businesses for you to look at that are leading the way for green living.

Green living businesses

Making the Daily Grind Green

Brewing your coffee at home instead of grabbing a cup from a shop in a single-serve container is one of the best eco-friendly ways to get your daily caffeine fix. At the same time, you need to make sure that the coffee you’re brewing is as green as it can get. Doing your bit for the environment becomes a lot easier when you can buy sustainable pods. Halo is leading the way to a more eco-friendly life with its cutting-edge compostable coffee pods that are filled with speciality grade high-quality coffee. Unlike recyclable or refillable products, these innovative biodegradable pods can be disposed of in the garden, food bin or anaerobic digester, and degrade back into the earth with minimal effort. We love that this business is shunning plastic for an impressive alternative that turns every cup of coffee green.

Planting Ten Trees for Every Purchase

Fast fashion has a devastating impact on the environment. Statistics show that in the US, 85% of textiles head to landfills each year. However, there’s an environmentally friendly company that’s turning that on its head. Canadian brand Tentree takes an earth-first approach to fashion, not only planting ten trees for every item sold but also using sustainable materials such as hemp, cork and organic cotton to produce their breathable and lightweight environmentally friendly apparel. We love that you can follow the journey of your purchase. For each item bought, you receive a tree code so you can track where and when your trees are planted. So far, this revolutionary company has planted over 30 million new trees.

Green Living at Lush Cosmetics

Making sure you face the world in an environmentally friendly way, Lush Cosmetics takes green living skin and hair care to the next level. Not only are their products all-natural but their solid shampoo bars ensure that packaging is either eliminated entirely or greatly reduced. Nearly half of all Lush products have no packaging at all and any that do can be returned empty to be refilled in store. We love that this company is mineral oil-free and plastic-free and all products are 100% biodegradable.