E-Cigarettes: An Environmentally Friendly Alternative for Smokers

Traditional smoking is notorious for its bad effects on health and there was no better options back then. But now, we have electronic cigarettes which are a healthier way of smoking if not the best. Electronic cigarettes have been around for several years now but they got most popularity of late. Basically, an e-cigarette is a device that vaporizes nicotine and delivers it through the mouthpiece with the help of an electronic system. Let’s see why an electronic cigarette is better than the traditional one.

How does it work?

ecig-vaporisersElectronic cigarette is basically a sleek cartridge often made to resemble actual cigarettes. It is battery powered and functions by converting electrical energy into thermal energy in order to vaporize the nicotine filled in cylinder. The output is a peculiar looking water vapor mixed with nicotine. The user inhales the vaporized nicotine through the mouth piece and thus it reaches his lungs. The key difference is that it has no other harmful substances found in tobacco smoke of traditional cigarette. The nicotine, which is the addictive substance in cigarettes, is the only chemical present and thus it eliminates the high risk of smoking.

How different is an e-cigarette?

When you smoke a traditional cigarette, you are not only harming yourself but the people around you and the environment too. With electronic cigarettes all you give out is water vapor laced with nicotine and it vaporizes fast so that the level of harm is far less than that of traditional cigarettes. People who smoke a traditional cigarette have to consume countless chemical compounds that are formed as a result of the combustion of tobacco. And most of the components of tobacco smoke are known for its carcinogenic properties.

Electronic cigarettes on the other hand do not use an open fire and hence does not produce these hazardous substances found in the tobacco smoke. It not only saves your health, but also lets you cut the heavy costs of traditional cigarettes. Using electronic cigarette is much cheaper compared to the traditional ones.

Why should you make the switch to e-cigarettes?

ecig-switch-overWell, the answer to this question is simple: it’s a healthier way to smoke. Since health is the primary concern of ours, continuing to use the traditional cigarettes with so much harmful effects is a blunder. Especially when you have a healthier, cheaper and safer option which is electronic cigarettes you should quit using the traditional cigarettes with high priority.

It is a fact that electronic cigarettes are a smart option to quit your addiction to traditional cigarettes and many people could quit the habit completely with the help of e-cigarettes. If you want more information on the benefits of e-cigarettes, you could find it online with a lot of testimonials from happy e-cig users. You can go through these reviews to clear all your doubts about e-cigarettes and find more reasons why you should switch over to e-smoking.