What to Look for in Eco Friendly Carpet?

Carpets and rugs add warmth, color and atmosphere to any room or indeed the entire house. Yet you have to think of the implications of the type of carpets you buy: what are they made from? Was the material harvested in an eco friendly manner?

Is the carpet vegan (whether real sheep were sheared for the wool)? And perhaps even more worrisome: was child labor used to create those carpets (children’s tiny, nimble hands and sharp eyesight is much sought after in the carpet making business)? These are just some of the questions that could occur to an environmentally responsible person in search of the right eco friendly carpet. We look at what makes a carpet eco friendly.

Look for eco friendly and non-polluting materials

green-carpetIdeally, the materials that your eco friendly carpet or rug is made from, should be low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and free from formaldehyde and benzene. Also the carpet should not have been treated with chemicals to make it repel moisture. This will help reduce indoor pollution that other types of carpets can continue to create for years.

Looking at all these factors will also ensure that the carpet is less likely to trigger allergies, so an eco friendly carpet is also good for health.

Look for materials such as jute, sea grass, natural woven wool (if not vegan), even bamboo, jute, hemp, cotton, sisal and so on. Also try and pick carpets and rugs that are not dyed or dyed using vegetable or other natural colors and have fewer amounts of glues and adhesives used. Also consider whether the materials used in the carpet make it possible to be easily recycled.

Use carpets effectively to lower energy bills

When a carpet has the right features and is properly installed, it can not only make the room look and feel cozy, it can actually help to lower your energy bills. Carpets help retain heat and insulate a room better against the cold. This can help to lower your heating bills.

Consider alternative materials

Some manufacturers are constantly striving to offer people choices based on recycled material and one innovation in this sphere consists of carpets made from recycled PET bottles and containers.

It inst just what the carpet is made from, but also the installation method that you use. If the carpet is to be fixed to the floor, consider the type of glue or adhesive you use to install the carpet.