Top 5 Eco Friendly Gadgets

Let’s face it – we cannot seem to manage without all of our gadgets – our cell phones, blackberries, tablets, iPod, iPad and eBook reader and who knows what else. What we can do however, is to invest in gadgets that use less power, that are manufactured responsibly by eco friendly companies and which can be disposed of in an earth friendly manner. Here are Top 5 Eco Friendly Gadgets in no particular order.

1. The eBook Reader

kindleeBook readers such as Kindle or eBook apps in smart phones, tablets and so on are a great way to cut down on how much printed paper we use. Not only does it save on paper and reduce demand on trees for wood, the printing process uses ink, chemicals, electricity and other resources which also can be saved on. You can read books, newspapers, journals, and a whole lot besides, using your eBook reader.

2. The Solar Technology Freeloader

solar-freeloaderThis object uses nothing but the sun’s rays to power your gadgets. It is a charger that has solar batteries that can be charged with the help of the sun, and which can in turn charge things like the iPod, cell phone and digital camera and so on.

3. Water Powered Clock

water-powered-clockThis useful little gadget is one of the top 5 eco friendly gadgets for obvious reasons: it uses neither batteries nor electricity. So what does it use for power? It uses water, that’s what! It works by converting ions in the water to clean energy power that you don’t even have to replace for 6 months. Available in fun colors, this one keeps the time and reduces your carbon foot print all at once!

4. The Solar Charger Bag

solar-charger-laptop-bagHere is a gadget for your gadgets: not only can you carry them in it, you can also use the bag to charge them. The solar charger bag has built in solar panels that charge up when you’re out in the sun and then help to power other gadgets that you may have: your MP3 player, gaming device, GPS navigator, iPhone, you name it! The air mesh at the back of the bag means that you get to remain cool when you carry it on your back.

5. The Asus Ecobook or Bamboo Laptop

bamboo-laptopThe cover of the laptop is crafted form bamboo. It helps to save electricity costs and also has recyclable parts. No sprays, paints or electroplating used here.