Ecotourism: Amazing Nature Adventures in Turkey

As the green consciousness of the world continues to expand, every aspect of life from our daily habits to the way we travel are being revolutionized. The rise in popularity of ecotourism has spread over the world as a result, meaning that you can travel responsibly and support our natural habitats without limiting the exotic nature of any retreat that you may choose. One amazing location where ecotourism can guide the way is in Turkey. Consider the five following nature-adventures that can bring your journey to life.

Nurture Protected Areas of Nature


On top of the national parks in this country, there are 35 different protected preserves that can be visited in this region. While exploring what nature has to offer, gain some insight into ways that you can help out while present and increase your overall awareness of the flora and fauna that are protected in this area. There are many endangered species to be discovered. Among the most popular of these protected habitats are Yumurtalik Nature Reserve in Adana and the Dandindere Nature Reserve in Afyon.

Watch the Wildlife

​Birdwatching is an extremely popular activity for the eager ecotourist in Turkey. The presence of a wide variety of bird species is a wonderful indicator of a healthy ecosystem overall. Support the institutions in this country that in turn support the birds that inhabit the region. Engage your inner ornithologist by visiting the marshlands of Turkey where the number of bird species outweighs the total number of bird species that are present across all of Europe.

Explore the Culture


Strong infrastructure and cultural identity is part of having a stable region that cares about the environment that surrounds it. Support local businesses, communities, and the people inhabiting them in Turkey so that this aspect of their country can flourish. The Highlands combine the best of culture with the beauty of the land. Many ancient traditions are still alive in well in the Highlands, and visitors are always welcomed when they are truly interested in learning and preserving.

Make the Trek


​Hiking is a popular ecotourist activity in the region. Explorers have found that the paths along the Mediterranean coast are truly breathtaking. The Lucian Way that stretches all the way to Antalya is traveled on a regular basis. Visitors also report magnificent experiences along the St. Paul trail whose destination is Yalvac.

Camp or Lodge


Exploring the opportunities for camping or booking lodging in rustic locations adds to the beauty of your trip in addition to minimizing your impact on nature while there. The regions that feature these accommodations are not too remote yet they offer access to areas of Turkey that are unspoiled by modern and corporate development. You can still experience luxury and service without paying a high price in both the ecological and monetary sense.