Active Kinetic 1: Harvesting Energy From Movements Around Us

Active Kinetic 1 is a new technology able to transform the energy industry. The new method by provides a solution that could provide more energy than using renewable technology currently available.

harvesting energy from human movements

Using 100% recycled materials means Active Kinetic 1 is probably the most sustainable renewable energy currently available, this keeps manufacturing costs low and minimises the lifecycle carbon footprint.

The demands for electricity are increasing daily and the current renewable technology is only capable of supplying a small amount of this electricity increasing slowly over the past 10 years.

The search for energy is leading to world destruction, as without fossil fuel people would not enjoy many luxuries such as lights at night, manufacture products from food to medical equipment, hence most people agree unless an alternative is available, that we cannot stop using fossil fuels.

Electricity is formed from two methods; Solar or motor generators.

Used by 98% of the world, the motor generator mainly operates from steam turbines. These turbines are powered by steam from burning fossil fuels and other stuff. The stuff we burn puts carbon dioxide and other pollutants into the atmosphere, which is bad for the climate.

Solar panels get energy from the Sun which is free. However, the Sun is only available sometimes and for only 12 hours a day hence we need expensive batteries to store the energy. Weather is not reliable. So, unfortunately we need lots of solar panels which take up land and use valuable resources excavated from the land.

Active Kinetic 1 has invented a scalable technology that does not use a motor and is more efficient than solar.

The solution is a motion energy generator. The technology uses any movement to harvest energy from a variety of untapped resources. Everything from wind to ocean waves and even animals generate movement. When we look around us, everything moves, and this movement could generate electricity.

Cost is a major downside of current renewable energy. The cost of installation, implementation and maintenance can downgrade the benefits of a renewable. While the cost of renewable energy technologies has come down significantly in recent years, renewables are still more expensive than traditional energy sources in many cases. In addition, the infrastructure required to support renewable energy systems, such as wind turbines require oil changes and worn mechanical parts. Solar panels sometime break and cleaning can be costly to maintain.

This can make it difficult for some communities, particularly those in developing countries, to access and benefit from renewable energy technologies. Furthermore, the production of some renewable energy technologies, such as photovoltaic cells, requires significant amounts of rare minerals, which can have environmental and social impacts in the areas where they are mined.

A solar panels lifespan, recycling the materials and precious rare earth metals has been challenging scientists for years. Recent investigations into recovering such materials have usually meant expensive carbon intense processors that seem impossible to counterbalance the carbon footprint.

Adopting new methods to generate electricity has become a critical topic as governments attempt to mitigate the impacts of climate change caused by carbon emission. It is widely accepted that as a result of over using fossil fuel energy carbon is in the atmosphere is progressively increasing too quickly.

Currently about 1 billion people live without electricity. Also, various natural disasters and war disconnect people from electricity every day. This technology could instantly change lives for these people and reduce costs for people in the modern world.

Harvesting human movement energy will provide people with electricity for themselves. The sensitive motion, energy technology can enable people to recover electricity from personal energy by recycling otherwise wasted energy from movement.

We would encourage you to spread the word to help transform the world faster away from fossil fuels and improve many people’s lives.