Map International: Promoting Health and Wellbeing of the Poor

Started in 1954 with $25,000 worth of surplus medicine donated by a pharmaceutical major, Map International today has distributed over $4 billion in essential supplies for the welfare of the downtrodden from over 115 countries. Working from its LEED certified headquarters in Brunswick, Georgia (USA), and several offices worldwide, Map is basically a health organization that intends to improve the living conditions of the poor. It has involved itself in a wide range of projects including water, sanitation, tropical diseases, essential medicines, maternal health, perinatal care, disaster relief, and transformational missions.


Profit has nothing to do with this

It is all done in good faith and no profit motive is involved here. The main motive behind this noble cause is to provide people with the basic requirements to sustain a healthy life. They believe that everybody who is born in this world has the right to lead a normal life complete with food, shelter and medicines. People who believe in this are a part of the team and are helping thousands of poverty stricken people out there in the world.

All around the world

They are like superheroes that save people when they need their help by reaching out to them at the remote corner of the world. Almost all around the globe people have been able to get help from them. For example, when typhoon struck Philippines, people were in need of food and medicine; so these were arranged to make sure people who survived the typhoon do not die of hunger or any epidemic that usually spreads after a natural disaster.

Helping Hand

It cannot be done without help. So there are people who help this organization in their noble cause of offering christian relief programs. Donations are made by individuals and corporate alike in the form of money, medicines and other gifts. You can also get involved as a volunteer in their mission to help the poor.

Bringing out people from poverty and providing them with employment so that they can support their family and provide them with basic amenities is a daunting task but not an impossible one when everybody will lend a helping hand.