Few Unique Ways to Go Green

The three R’s related to being eco-friendly are reduce, reuse, and recycle. Nowadays it seems everyone is going green in one way or another. Most people separate their trash, so some items can be recycled. And energy efficient lights, appliances and electronics are becoming the norm rather than the exception.

Lights and More

Besides the typical eco-friendly methods there are also some ‘unique’ ways you can go green. The first of the three ‘R’s is reduce. This refers to reducing your consumption. Obviously, a simple thing like turning off lights when they’re not needed is a wonderful way to reduce energy consumption.


Products like small room occupancy switches make this an effortless process. These switches automatically turn lights on and off as needed. Advanced technology makes it possible to use these devices without any special wiring. They also work with all types of light bulbs. More and more innovative ideas like these are making it easy to go green in new ways.

The Car You Drive

Many people are surprised to learn that keeping an old car running is a great way to reduce energy consumption. This may not sound like an eco-friendly idea but if you purchase a new car (even if it is able to get 40 or more miles to the gallon) you are essentially contributing to energy consumption used in the making of new automobiles. Driving your car for as long as possible is actually an eco-friendly way to go. In addition, proper upkeep and maintenance of your vehicle will help ensure it is as energy efficient as possible.

One idea behind reducing energy consumption is to spend only when spending is necessary. In this way you will help to conserve energy needed in manufacturing processes. Also, it is important to make purchases from companies that are environmentally conscious.

Reuse and Reuse Again

The concept of ‘reusing’ is not new at all. However, if you are eco-friendly, you may want to take this to new levels. Get creative about ways you can reuse things. For example, instead of using paper towels you can use rags. Instead of purchasing rags you can make your own rags out of old towels, sweat shirts, and other articles of clothing.

Many food items are packaged in reusable containers. A perfect example is coffee. These containers are ideal for organizing small tools and accessories in the garage or basement. In fact, they can be decorated and used in any room of the house.

Continuing with the idea of reusing, buying used items is another way to conserve energy and money. Once again, manufacturing new items results in energy consumption. Shop at second-hand shops, consignment stores and flea markets for items you need. Besides saving money you will find the shopping experience itself is unique.