Eco-Friendly Boilers: What Are They and How Do They Work?

The winter months are approaching and you are probably considering your current boilers efficiency. The plummeting temperatures and unpredictable weather forecasts are certain to leave anybody anxious about keeping their home heated, making the prospect of updating an older boiler much more appealing. So maybe it’s time you considered getting a new boiler after all, but you might want to have a think about it first before jumping online or scrambling to the phone to order your next boiler straight away.

eco-friendly-boilersThere are many boilers available today that are environmentally friendly, meaning you can give something back to your local environment through your choice of boiler. These eco-friendly boilers can save you money in the long haul and do just as good a job as your previously reliable boiler has done in the past.

Conventional boilers are often structured differently throughout the house, with two water tanks in the attic and the boiler itself in an airing cupboard.  A cylinder located inside the boiler is heated and this is what radiates your home. Conventional boilers have been in use for many years and this is why many conventional boilers have been integrated with some of the latest renewable technologies in an attempt to improve the eco-friendly aspects of the boiler. An example of these newer technologies is solar thermal energy which is capable of cutting costs significantly by generating as much as 60% of your hot water free of charge.

There is a wide range of combination boilers available that can save you money and provide excellent benefits for the environment. Combi boilers work differently to conventional ones, as they heat water directly from the mains. If you don’t have the space in your home for a water tank, combi boilers are an ideal choice. Eco-friendly combi boilers can be identified by noting their energy efficiency. Grade A combi boilers are likely to be the most energy efficient boilers available. Since boilers account for as much as 60% of all carbon dioxide emissions in homes, it would be wise to choose a boiler that scores highly in energy efficiency.

servicing-heating-boilerThere are a range of boilers that avoid using oil or gas as fuel. These boilers are incredibly eco-friendly and work wonders for the environment, so they have gained immense popularity over recent years. Wood pellet boilers work in a similar fashion to log fires in that they burn wood fuel to heat up your home.

They are connected to the central heating and hot water systems to provide you with a terrifically eco-friendly heating option. They emit tiny amounts of carbon dioxide in comparison to the usual boiler and whilst wood fuel prices can vary, it is usually much cheaper than other heating options. Don’t think that you’re harming the environment by purchasing wood fuel either, as the wood fuel used in these biomass boilers originates from wood wastage such as sawdust and logging off-cuts.

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