Fat Bike: What It Is and Why It Is the Number 1 in the Countryside and in the City

Big wheels that turn without friction: the Fat Bike is a bicycle, similar to an ecological “tank” perfect for city trips and on rough, snowy and muddy terrains. Invented to speed through deserts and on snowy paths, fat bikes are versatile bicycles and a sort of “augmented” model of mountain bikes.

fat bike

An off-road bike with tires out of the ordinary width, starting from 2.6 inches up. The fat bike has frames made with wider forks that make them turn smoothly and giving the movement of the wheels less effort than you think.

In fact, to transmit the movement, a lower pressure is needed, less than 5 psi, taking into account that on average an ordinary person supports a pressure of 8-10 psi.

The Bike That Is Not Afraid of Snow

Time to run around the snowy slopes? The Fat Bike, especially in its electric version, is the ideal solution, since it was created for this purpose, to the point that in some countries, there are paths created specifically for Fat Bikes.

The fat wheels slide perfectly on both hard and fresh snow at 5-10 cm, even if the best conditions are on hard snow. The control of the bicycle is greater than a normal Mountain Bike, as the front wheel adheres better and reaches everywhere.

In essence, the electric Fat Bike on the snow glides and runs smoothly. In fact, when it was invented, at the end of the 80s of the last century, it was conceived as an off-road bike, in order to withstand the snowy surfaces and especially in conjunction with the races on the Iditarod Trail in Alaska, even if the first prototypes with big wheels date back to the early 1900s.

Why Is the Fatbike Also Perfect in the City?

Even if we often refer to fatbikes for winter sports or as a winter mountain bike, it is also a perfect bicycle in the city. This is thanks to its large and resistant wheels, which allow you to pedal without worrying too much about potholes and wet asphalt. The result? Safer driving that will facilitate travel significantly.

The Electric Version of the Fat Bike

If the Fat Like offers safe driving on rough terrain thanks to the advanced technology compared to a normal Mountain Bike, it is with pedal assistance and therefore with the provision of a motor that the benefits increase.

In fact, in this way riding a fat bike becomes even easier and takes you wherever you want; climbs and descents, dirt roads, with snow, wet: whatever the road to follow, for work or for pure pleasure, the “fattie” will take you to your destination with little effort, making you enjoy the trip in all its beauty.